Class Schedule

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Class prices are for a 10 week session.

All families will pay an annual $65 membership fee when registering for classes. This fee is only applied if it has not been paid in the previous 12 months.

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Class Prices
One Day
Two Days
45 Minute Class
1 Hour Class
Blue Level Ninja
Session Schedule
Session Number
Start Date
End Date
Closed Dates
September 5th
November 13th
September 5th, Labor Day
November 14th
February 5th
November 24th - 27th & December 23rd - January 6th
February 6th
April 16th
April 9th
April 17th
June 25th
May 29th, Memorial Day
June 26th
August 27th
July 1st - July 9th & August 28th - September 4th


Registration for the next session will open at the beginning of a new session.

For instance, Session 3 will open for registration with the start of Session 2.