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Champion Gymnastics has been helping the Ann Arbor area FLIP OUT since 1991!

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions, and if you need further information

on any of our programs give us a call.

The easiest way to register for classes is to head to our customer portal and create an account. From there you can register and pay for classes! We take enrollment all the time, so no need to wait for a new session to get started!

How do I register for classes?

At this time we kindly ask that parents and family members bring their athlete into the gym, stays for 5 to 10 minutes to make sure the athlete gets settled, leaves the gym, and then returns with 10 minutes or less of class remaining. This policy has helped tremendously with athlete focus in class and with minimizing people in the gym.

May parents and family watch class?

Due to the number of athletes in the gym and majority of our classes running at capacity, we do not allow makeups for missed classes. Any class that is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances will be issued "punches" to attend an open gym or toddler time for free.

Can we makeup a missed class?

Payment in full is expected at the time of registration. If it has been more than 1 year since the annual registration fee has been paid, this will be added to the account as well.

Discounts that are applied include 10% for families with 2 or more children taking classes, and 30% for any child that enrolls in multiple classes!

What are payment terms and are there discounts?

We require a Leotard for our female athletes, biker shorts may be worn over the top. Male athletes should wear a t-shirt and shorts. The Ninja champ athletes will be required to wear their designated level shirt, which can be purchased directly from Dexter Print and Embroidery or through our store found on our website. 

*Please note; all athletes will go barefoot in the gym.

* Any ahlete with long hair must have it pulled back into a pony tail for safety.

* No dangly jewelry or gum chewing allowed. 

What to wear for class?

Take I-94 to the Baker Rd Exit (167). Head North on Baker Rd; until you get to the SECOND  round about.  Take the first RIGHT onto Dan Hoey Rd. Continue on Dan Hoey Rd. until you reach Bishop Circle. Take a RIGHT onto Bishop Circle. Take Bishop Circle to the first STOP SIGN.  Take a LEFT onto Bishop Circle East, Our building is the third building on the LEFT hand side. 

*Arrive at; 2362 Bishop Circle East, Dexter, MI. 48130

How do I get there?

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