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Girls Recreational Programs


Little Champs      3 & 4 years old
Champions          4 & 5 years old
Rising Stars          6 - 8 years old
Shooting Stars     9 years and older

Girls gain confidence and body awareness while having fun and learning new skills! Progressions of cartwheels, bridges, backbends, handstands, and more will be taught to students with an emphasis on safety and fun!


We add in our TumblTrak, rope climbs, and rock wall, to help with skill acquisition and building strength!


Little Champs lasts 45 minutes, while Champions, Rising Stars, and Shooting Stars are 60 minutes long. All classes are available multiple days and you will receive a 30% discount when you add a second class!



All of our advanced programs are by invitation only. All athletes will have the opportunity to attend our open tryout in the spring where our team coaches will evaluate their skills and recommend which group will give them the best opportunity to further their gymnastics!

Superstars & Shining Stars

These intermediate level classes are for athletes who are looking for more! The Superstars and Shining Stars classes are 90 minutes. The Superstars class is for athletes ages 5-8 years old, the Shining Stars class is for athletes 9 years old and above. Gymnasts will be invited based on their strength, flexibility, conditioning, skill development and intent on continuous improvement. Skills required to be invited; pullover, round-off backbend, bridge kick-over, handstand hold, handstand flatback, and confidence when on high beam. 


The Ultrastars class is one of our 90 minute classes, gymnasts invited to ultrastars attend 2 days a week, for a total of 3 hours per week. These 2 days are important for proper training advancement in our program. Skills required to be invited are; bridge kick-over/back walkover, handstand forward rolls, intricate walks on high beam, and are beginning too learn back handspring, back tucks and squat on. 


The Developmental Program is for young athletes, between the ages of 5 and 9 years old, who are ready to focus on their gymnastics more seriously. Athletes invited to this group will have shown the requisite strength, technique, skill, and mindset to excel in the more rigorous training program. The goal is to develop the skills necessary to compete in the Junior Olympic (JO) Compulsory levels. The Developmental Program is for the serious gymnast that is ready to take the next step in their young career. Practices for this program vary by length, but all athletes are required to attend a minimum of 2 practices per week.

Xcel Bronze

The Bronze program is best suited for athletes looking to further their career in the sport of gymnastics, who are ready to learn more advanced skills, but not ready for a serious commitment. Athletes in this program can expect to progress through the Xcel competitive program and move through the levels at their own pace.

Athletes in the Bronze program will have the opportunity to perform short choreographed routines based on their individual abilities. Routines will be performed at seasonal Fun Meets, hosted at our facility or nearby location, and are optional for participation.

Practices for the Bronze program are 90 minutes long and required two days per week. Should an athlete be unable to fulfill the required number of practice days, they may continue with classes in the recreational program or move to one of our tumbling classes.

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