Rising Stars (5-7yrs)  Shooting Stars (8-11yrs)  Super Girls (12yrs & Up)

Girls gain confidence and body awareness while having fun and learning new skills.  

Progressions of cartwheels, bridges, backbends, handstands, and more will be taught to students to ensure safety and accuracy! We add in our TumblTrak, rope climb, and rock wall, as well as strength and conditioning exercises.

All classes are 60 minutes long, with the exception of Super Girls which lasts 90 minutes.

All classes are available multiple days for a discounted price. 


Rising Stars (5-7yrs)  Shooting Stars (8-11yrs)

Intermediate level classes that focus on upper body strength, coordination, balance, and shaping. Students who fall in the intermediate range typically attend class twice a week for 1 hour. Students will be evaluated at the end of each session and may be invited to attend advanced classes.


Super Stars

Girls ages 5 & 6 years old who have exhibited maturity and good body control, and can safely execute basic skill requirements: pullover on bars, cartwheel, handstand to vertical, forward roll with no hands to stand, all with proper shaping.  

Skills taught will include backbends, kick overs, pullovers,

sole circle swings, mini handstands and intricate walks on high beam.

Athletes may attend two days of Super Stars per week or one day of Super Stars and one day of Conditioning at a discounted rate. 


Gymnasts in this 90-minute long class have been chosen due to their strong skill development and intent on continuous improvement, have mastered the pullover, exhibit confidence on high beam, have basic knowledge of round-offs, backbends, and bridge kick overs.  Skills taught will include back hip circles, leg cuts, and various other advanced level skills. Athletes are highly encouraged to attend 2 days per week as the year progresses to increase their hours in the gym. Athletes may attend two days of Twisters or one day of Twisters and one day of Conditioning. Athletes attending two days per week by early spring will receive an invite to our team tryout in lates spring. 


Athletes in this class must attend 2 days per week for 2 hours to ensure proper training for advancement in our program and be able to safely complete a bridge kick over/back walkover, pullover, back hip circle, mini handstand on high beam, and handstand to vertical on the floor. A mastery of basic shaping is required as well. Conditioning class may be added as a third supplemental day. Skills taught will include sole circle dismounts, front hip circles, mastery of the back walkover, handstand forward rolls, beginning back handsprings, and handstands and intricate walks on high beam. All Flippers will receive an invitation to our team rout, which is held in late spring.

All of our advanced classes are by invitation only and athletes must schedule an evaluation

with one of our coaches or achieve satisfactory marks on their end of session evaluation to be considered for placement. Advanced students, especially Twisters and Flippers, are presumed to be working toward participation in our Pre-Team Program. These classes are designed to prepare gymnasts for our annual Pre-Team tryout in the Spring, but participation does not guarantee placement into the Pre-Team Program. We focus on strength, conditioning, shaping, and flexibility without losing any of the fun!




Athletes in our Advanced Rec program are highly encouraged to attend our conditioning class to gain more confidence and a better understanding of the importance of conditioning for our sport. A strong gymnast makes learning skills in the sport safer and easier to obtain. This class may serve as a secondary day for the Twister and Super Stars class only. It is offered as a third-day option for the Flippers program, which is highly encouraged.





Advanced Girls

This sixty-minute class will focus on building the basic skills required for the sport of gymnastics along with strength, conditioning, proper shaping, and flexibility without losing any of the fun!  Skills taught will include back bend kick overs, back hip circles, handstand forward rolls, handstand flat backs, and intricate walks on beam. Athletes are encouraged to attend two days per week at a discounted rate.


7240 Jackson Road

Ann Arbor, MI  48103

Tel: 734-222-1810


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