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Boys Program

Our Boys Only Programs provide a safe, fun atmosphere for your high-energy athlete.

All classes teach age appropriate skills on the 6 Olympic Events:  Floor, Pommel Horse,

Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar. These athletes learn the importance of

strength and conditioning while gaining confidence and agility along the way!

Champion Boys

Ages 6 - 10 Years Old

In this 60-minute beginner class, we focus on the fundamental skills of men's gymnastics. This class introduces your son to the Olympic events plus our 50' Tumbl Trak and Rope Climb. Your son will learn cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, handstands, circles on the mushroom, and swings on both the parallel bars and high bar. There is a focus on upper body strength, coordination, and balance.

This is a 90-minute advanced level class for boys who have a passion for gymnastics, want to be challenged, and desire to build upon the fundamental skills learned in the Beginner Champion Boys Class. There is a strong focus on developing discipline and focus in students while teaching intermediate skills such as front and back handsprings, vaults, dismounts on the parallel bars and rings, and back tucks. All skills in this class form the basis of Level 4 routines in the USAG Junior Olympic program. 

This class is based on skill level rather than age, and enrollment requires a coach's recommendation. Your son may take this class multiple days per week at a discounted rate.

Champion Boys

Invite Only Class
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