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We'd like to introduce you to our dedicated staff of coaches and instructors!

Coach Alexys

Coach Alexys is a former level 10 gymnast. She was a National All Around Champion for Twistars and went to Southern Utah University for collegiate gymnastics. Now, she loves the challenge of coaching and hopes to one day take over the family business at Champion!

Coach Juliane

Coach Juliane started out as a tumble bunny herself 25 years ago and now she loves helping her athletes grow as gymnasts and achieve their goals! Juliane has her degree in Graphic Design and Visual Arts from the Art Institute of Michigan and was previously a gymnast and competitive cheerleader. When she’s not in the gym, Juliane loves taking care of her two pet bunnies.

Management & Administration

Launie Aben


Launie Aben has been involved in the world of gymnastics since her oldest daughter became involved in the sport at age 3. As her daughter's love for the sport grew, so did her own. Now, after 20+ years of coaching, Launie can't imagine her life without gymnastics. In 2015, Aben and her husband became sole proprietors of the long-standing business where they now pride themselves on providing a family atmosphere for their staff and students. Launie has three children, Alexys, DJ, and Melyssa. 

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